Hello World!

Here I am, sitting in front of my computer trying to think of what to write.

As I am sitting on my bed, I watch a kangaroo jump past my window. It is 6pm and this is usually the time the roos come out for a little stretch after a long day of hiding from me (of course). I hear they like to come out about 5am too, but we all know I am not getting up that early to chase some adorable kangaroos around the yard trying to get a picture to have proof of such craziness!

I come from a little big town called Bend. It is located smack dab in the middle of Oregon on the West Coast of The States. It’s quite a wonderful place to grow up. It has a river, mountains, hikes, falls, and even some places to shop! Lately (not that I’ve been there often enough to be much of an opinion), it has gotten more and more busy, but I am glad of that! I know we say we hate the tourists coming to see Bend. But why? Bend is wonderful and I think its great that we are able to share the vast beauty and be able to call it Home. We get to bask in the nature and beautiful sunsets, so why not share it?

Now, I am living in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia. I know that is a mouth full to say, but I just wanted to make sure you understand where I am at. Toowoomba is about ninety minutes west of Brisbane (The capital of Queensland) and in a Range. I guess it is an extinct volcano, which is strange because my biggest irrational fear is volcanos.. Lets just hope it stays extinct! I live out in the country, about ten minutes from town, and it’s actually very different then I’ve ever experienced before! I enjoy it very much though. It’s so quiet, surreal and beautiful! I can enjoy all the birds, insects and nature sounds from my backyard. It is sort of like camping all the time, but after I am done enjoying the outdoors I can come sleep in my own bed! It’s the perfect combination! Even right now as I write this I am enjoying the sounds of the crickets. I love to sleep with my window open (even if its cold..). I also live on a giant hill so if I am feeling like a bum and haven’t exercised in a while, don’t worry.. I just have to walk around the block and its like climbing a butte!

I am an Au Pair for a family of seven: five kids, a mum and a dad! There is Bj 2, Isaac 4, Harrison 7, Felicity 8, and Mikayla 10! They are a wonderful family and have done such an outstanding job of bringing me into the family and making me feel at home! The three older kids go to prep school (elementary school) full-time, and Isaac goes two or three days depending on the week! So that means I am spending majority of my time with BJ. He is hilarious and has such a personality for a two-year old.

When I first got here, the accents were so fascinating! Hearing a two-year old speak with a strong Australian accent blew my mind. But did you know after only three months I barely hear the accent anymore? Crazy huh? I am also picking up their crazy lingo and when I chat with my parents on the phone, they have no idea what I am saying at times!


Peppers = Capsicum

Cantaloupe = Rockmelon

Maybe I’ll come up with some more and post it!

It is currently winter right now. So, NO people back home need to be jealous and think I am sitting in the sun all day! I was actually quite unprepared and thought yeah..”winter” in Australia, but lo and behold; It’s very chilly. I had to go buy some tracksuit pants (sweatpants) and a jumper (sweatshirt) and those things are not cheap here! So while everyone back home in 90 degrees F (32 C), I am in 40’s/50’s F (4/5 C) and bundled all up in my fuzzy socks and blankets! But don’t worry.. it’ll warm up shortly and then you can be jealous!!

Until next time..