As I wake up this morning to the sound of pouring rain beating against my window, I soon realize that my sister gets married tomorrow!

My sister Madison, or commonly known as Maddie, is getting married in about twenty-four hours Oregon time! How crazy is that? Since she is only about two years older than me, naturally we grew up together. I mean I cannot say that we got along all those years, because it was quite the opposite actually.. Until a few years ago, but as we grew older we got some senses, put aside our differences, and we waved our white flags.

It wasn’t always bad when we were kids! We used to share a room, which is always a strain on any two people, but I do remember that I loved sharing rooms. We used stay up all night in our bunk beds and we would use our nightlight as our light for our shadow puppet show! It was a hoot! Until we got caught staying up past bedtime.. That wasn’t so much fun! Whether it was stealing each others food or telling each other that the other is adopted, we were always hugging it out at the end of the day. We would fight over who got to take the morning shower first, she always won. Or when one of us was watching TV, the other was trying to change it. So we always had to put our hands in front of the sensor on the TV! We used to play Polly Pockets for hours on end and eventually have to leave them behind to go to bed. One of my favorite memories is when we were in elementary school and I had a crush on this boy, but he kept running away from me. So Maddie chased him at recess and tackled him until he admitted to liking me back! Right there and then she became my hero!

Of course as we grew older, we moved houses and got our own rooms. Maddie loved this, but I did not. I had always wanted to follow my sister everywhere like a lost puppy. Naturally, she didn’t like this and I think thats where it soon became annoyance instead of sibling rivalry! We grew apart once we hit junior and high school. Maddie got her own friends and so did I. Eventually I had to accept that we wouldn’t be the inseparable sisters I had always wanted growing up.

Not exactly sure when the fighting stopped and the anger set aside, but one day we just suddenly got along again. We waved those white flags and teamed up. My family is a little bit of crazy.. Ask anyone. So as we grew older I think Maddie and I realized that we must team up to bare the craziness each holiday. When she moved away to Eugene for school was the beginning. The parents, Micah (my brother), and I would go visit for her volleyball games and one day she wanted me to stay the night with her in her dorm! Of course I thought this was the coolest thing ever so I obliged. Ever since that first night of surrender in her dorm, our friendship and getting along became more desirable.

As my whole family gathers tomorrow for this celebration of love, I will be sitting on my bed FaceTiming to enjoy it from 8000 miles away. I am quite sad that I cannot be there, but I understand her wants and accept it whole heartedly. We will just have to celebrate when I come home. She gets to marry her best friend and the love of her life and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to take care of her for the rest of her life. I’ve never seen her so happy and I cannot wait for the years of happiness to come.

Congratulations Madison & Sam.