As most of you are aware, my sister gets married at 5:30 her time (11:30 my time) and so I woke up early to get ready for my big FaceTime adventure. I went upstairs to make brekky and when I hear Kelli arrive home I run out to the garage to help her with groceries. As I walk by the stairs I notice an Amazon Prime box and thought how weird. Australia does not have Amazon for shipping, but they have kindle ebooks and stuff. So I kind of just passed by the box on the floor and went out to grab groceries, but as I walked back inside I bent down and saw MY name! I mean I don’t know about you, but I always loved getting mail as a kid; still do. My parents used to give me their junk mail and tell me it was my secret papers coming in from the government. Beyond excited! Anyways, I am now rushing to gather all the groceries inside and ask Kelli, “Is my name really on that box?” She just laughed at me and nodded. I skipped with glee (literally) to the front of the house and grab the box. At first I am a bit hesitant to open it because I didn’t want to get over excited. Eventually my excitement over powered my hesitation and I ripped it open. Inside this medium sized, wonderful, Amazon box was a huge fleeced jumper and a HYDRO FLASK. Now anyone back home knows how exciting it is to own a Hydro Flask, I mean it makes us all true Bendites at heart! I get to now own one Downunder (Represent!).

Long story longer, I was stoked to get a package today! I was a bit bummed about my sister getting married and me not being able to attend, but this was an accomplishment at a pick-me-up.
I can now keep warm in this cold winter (Australia you’re not supposed to be cold) and keep my water nice and cold for a whole 12 hours in the flaming hot sun (100F) this summer! Woot Woot!

Thanks Mom and Dad! ❤

Presents yay!