My question of the day is, “What happened to our four-year old minds?”.

But, on the for real..

Isaac, BJ and I were on a walk today looking for moo cows when the conversation proceeded in the following sequence.

Isaac asked me, “Emmy (in a cute aussie accent), when are you getting married?”.

I replied, “Well, Iz I don’t need to get married yet. I have lots of time and I am young! Plus I need to fall in love with someone before I can run off and get married!”

He then says, “You can find someone now, wait a few years and then BAM, you’ll be ready to get married when you’re old enough.”

Needless to say, I proceeded to carry on the fact that I am not in love nor do I have a love interest, but thanks Iz for rubbing that in! (Haha!) I am serious though.. Where do our curious, outspoken minds go? They are incredible! I have more intellectual conversations with this four-year old than I do with 90% of people I talk to. We have seriously talked about my married life (That I don’t have), death, Michael Jackson (He really likes him), dragons, mine craft and just really strange stuff. Sometimes I will be driving BJ (He’s 2, incase you forgot) and Isaac to a park or the shops and they just sit in the back talking about deep things. One time I heard Isaac asking BJ what age he wanted to die and then BJ was all sad because he didn’t want to die before mummy (mommy, not a real mummy..). It was so sad!

I just love the way his mind works. He is such a kid, but he also knows some deep prospects too! It is wonderful to be a kid. They are so carefree, outspoken, and do what they want. These days we are so afraid of what others think that we just hide our true selves and never do what makes us happy. I am so tired of putting every single person before my happiness. Don’t get me wrong I love to make people happy, but there should be a certain line that isn’t to be crossed. Well, as many of you know I have never had that line. I have always sacrificed any efforts to make myself happy so that others can be happy. Today is the day I draw the line; sorry guys! I love to make you all happy, but I think it is my time to put myself first. I’m ready to live each day to the fullest, happiest I can gather!

On a brighter (and bloodier) note, I pretty much became a semi butcher today.

I was prepping dinner to put in the slow cooker (croc pot) and I pull the beef out of the fridge and it is in huge chunks! Therefore, I had to inhabit some butcher skills and slice up the meat and I almost became a vegetarian today.. Sorry moo cows.

Welcome to the daily life of living in Australia!