Everyone always asks themselves the same question, “Will I regret my life in fifty years?” Or something along those lines.

We are always worried about time. What is time? Is it a measurement of success or failure? Or maybe a measurement of things to accomplish or things to regret? Roughly every person (if lucky) gets to live to about 70/80 years old. That’s 657,000 hours in your life; 39,420,000 minutes. Now, that may seem like a lot of time to do what you want to accomplish (or regret), but time really does fly. Ask anyone. Think about it, what were you doing this time last year? Have you planned things to do? Did you do them? Or are you always catching yourself saying “tomorrow” or “next week”? Most of us all have this sense (bit of laziness) of pushing things to the next day, but what if your entire life is a tomorrow and what if tomorrow never comes. The worst part is, we also focus on the past and still hope for tomorrow, but we never pay attention to right now. We are either so stuck in the past that we cannot see a future or we fear the past so much that we are eager for tomorrow. I think instead of focusing on tomorrow, we should focus on today. If you want to change something, do something or be someone; do it. Today is the day.

I’ve really been fretting about time lately. I feel overwhelmed and frightened that there isn’t enough time in the day for me. I have so many things I want to do, and so many things that aren’t happening. I want to read my book, draw in my sketch pad, write on my blog, take pictures, go for walks, try to make friends in town, think about my future, sleep and even succumb to some Netflix (we all need to relax sometimes), but I don’t feel like I am fulfilling my days completely. If I’m reading, I am constantly thinking about the other things I want to be doing. I always tend to make a list of things to do and eventually feel awful because I didn’t accomplish the entirety of the list. The biggest item on my list that I need to tick off; my future. Yes I’m in Australia, but what is life going to hold for me in six months when I come home? Will I ever figure out what potential life holds for me? Time scares me and I don’t want to be afraid of it anymore. Time is a gift, a beautiful gift that we are given and I don’t want to be afraid of such a wondrous gift. We’ve been allotted time to be happy and fulfill our dreams and I don’t think we should ever do anything less.

As most of you know I live in Australia! It is my dream to travel the world and experience as many cultures as I can before I die (hopefully happy). I used to be (and sometimes still am) a tomorrow person. I would always plan things to do and push them off until tomorrow (everyday), therefore nothing was being accomplished. One day, I decided to change it. I wanted to go to Italy and made it happen. I wanted to nanny abroad and here I am. But sometimes, with smaller things, I still say tomorrow. “Oh I’ll walk tomorrow.” “I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow.” “I’ll go to town and make friends tomorrow.” I cannot keep doing this to myself and I don’t want you to either. Sometimes it freaks me out how fast time is going! I mean, I’ve already been here for over three months! Three whole months and I come home in six. When I come home in January, I do not want to regret my trip here; will I?

I want everyone in life to go for what they want. Let that be a new car, a trip, moving somewhere new or changing who you are, you should do what you desire. Don’t be someone you’re not and don’t do something you don’t want to do. In 657,000 hours, will you be happy with your choices? Don’t be a Tomorrow person. Be a Today person.