This weekend was wonderful! I had Friday through Sunday off and it was beautiful outside all three days! On Friday I had to help out with some washing so I stuck around the house all day and watched Netflix while washing the sheets. Yes, I spent my entire day inside watching Netflix. It’s horrible. In my defense I had to wash five loads of bed sheets  and couldn’t leave the house anyways! 

Whether it’s reading a book series or watching a tv series, I always feel the need to finish it straight away. If I start a book series, it’s all I can think about until I get through them all. As of right now (sadly) I am on a Netflix binge. I started watching Gossip Girl (I know what have I done and who am I) and I cannot stop watching it. I started it like a week ago and I am already towards the end of season 3! (There are about 22 episodes a season). I even stayed up until 5 am one night (or morning) to watch and anybody who has done this, knows the feelings of repercussions and regret afterwards. Needless to say, I had to intervene myself and save my dignity. 
I swore off Netflix for the rest of the weekend and Saturday I woke up, spoke to my sister Mandy and her kids on FaceTime, and went into town. It was such a beautiful day and took Felicity and Mikayla with me into town. We stopped at the library and browsed for a bit. It took us about twenty minutes to find a movie to watch for the night. We picked the third Narnia! Whoop! We went to Ground Up, one of my favorite coffee places, and sat down to enjoy a mocha and banana bread. My banana bread was served with butter on top, which was really strange, but delicious! I think I even made a friend! Afterwards we ran to Target to get some more pens for my drawings and ran to the grocery store for some lollis (candy), all while dying of heat (should have worn shorts). We went back to the house and I laid out a blanket to relax and draw for the afternoon! It was so beautiful outside that I was in shorts and a t shirt for the first time in weeks! We all hung out on the blankets, drew and read for the remainder of the afternoon. I had to work that night and we ate some dinner and the kids watched the movie we picked out! Sunday I pretty much relaxed all day and enjoyed the day off. I may have watched a bit of Netflix but it was all under control!

Making friends is kind of a strange sort of thing. You see someone and decide that they’re going to be your new friend! Well I’ve been here three months and I have yet to make any friends in Toowoomba (Lame, I know). I live fifteen minutes outside of town and don’t find too many reasons to go into town. Maybe some grocery shopping or a coffee run, but none too often. I’m not exactly the most outgoing social person either. So that leaves me with my shy, awkward self. I think if I just went out and tried to make a conversation with someone, I could make some friends quickly. But I am totally in that sort of comfort zone and not in any hurry to break out of it. Once something gets comfortable, it takes a lot of effort and confidence to change it. I like hanging at home a lot because it’s comfortable, but I also want to go out and do something. I just need to break out of my rut.