I sit down on yet another strangers couch, in another new town, on a brand new day.

Growing up isn’t easy. Ask anyone! Well, ask any adult. As kids we always want to grow up, and be older. While sitting on our swings and brushing barbers hair, we were wanting to have the privileges and freedom that comes with adulthood, but we never realized the sacrifices that come along with it. When I was a kid, like anyone else, I just wanted to be older. Every year it was “cannot wait for next year” or “what will next year hold?”, but what we weren’t aware of was the strain it brought into our lives. Sure, growing up has the perks to any downsides you will find! Having to take responsibility but getting to drive a car! Having to pay for our own stuff but living in freedom. When we’re young, we can be carefree and depend on everyone. We have yet to understand the concept of money and responsibility. We are unaware that even though being late for school is surely frowned upon, we can easily be fired from our jobs if habits persist. Unlike most kids, I have never been carefree. Some of you may wonder how I’ve come to travel the world at nineteen, but little of you realize I’ve paid for everything completely by myself. Once I grasped the concept of money and freedom, I wanted it. Anytime I would babysit or mow a lawn, I would save it. I didn’t like the concept of blowing my money on random things and I was rarely seen going out with friends to spend my money on small niceities. Now some of you might be like me or some of you might be the carefree kids I envy. Even as a teenager, I had already grown up too fast. It started with the baby sitting, but at sixteen I got a real job. All too quickly I was worried about keeping my hungry bank account happy. 

Some would say I have a unusually difficult personality, therefore being younger and around peers it was common I wasn’t shaped like everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret the way I chose to grow up. I had (still have) an amazing family that put up with me (thanks guys!) and some really awesome friends. Of course I went through the stage of rebellion and “acting out”, I mean who doesn’t? But I grew out of it by fourteen and pretty much had my sh*t together by sixteen. By eighteen I was working two jobs, already  had twelve grand in my bank account and was ready to travel the world. Being a kid, for me, was put to a halt early and I came to face the music to adulthood much earlier than most. Now, i’m turning twenty in a month. Which is insane! It seems like last week I was baby sitting and just yesterday I was leaving my friends and childhood behind for the ginormous road of adulthood. Of course I am still very young, but as a good friend made me realize; we aren’t kids anymore. We now have the everyday worry of money. We can no longer depend on our parents money for everyday life choices. So even though i’m over here traveling the world, I still think about my future. How can I provide for myself next year? Where will I live? How will I bring my dog Alaina Puffins along (because yes she’s my child and coming)? What will I be eating next year? Who will I be spending my time with? Will I be able to support my dreams? These are the common life questions that I worry about everyday. Just because I’m traveling the world, doesn’t mean I don’t think about the next sixty years of my life every second of everyday.