Throughout your lifetime you endure many friendships. Some are short-term and some are in for the long ride. Sometimes they’re remarkable and sometimes they are easily forgotten. We meet people who change our lives and yet it does not always benefit us.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many people in my life. I’ve made lots of friends, maybe even more than the average person. Friends are such a wonderful thing to have in all cases. When you’re sad they know exactly the pick me up you need. Or they know perfectly the way you like to have fun, whether its going out and partying or staying in bingeing on Netflix. My favourite thing for friendships is the midnight milkshake runs to catch up and indulged in some delicious malt shakes (you know who you are!). During high school I ran through plenty of different friend groups while experimenting trial and error. I just wanted to grow up really fast and forget about all my childhood memories; including friendships. I abandoned people and kept to myself. For some odd reason I thought growing up meant giving up close friendships and just adopting the job life, but I was wrong. I miss friends. I now realise one cannot survive in life without a few good friends.

Lately this has been on my heart and while being away I have had an outside perspective on my friendships back home (or in other countries, don’t worry I didn’t forget about you Carli). I have seen who are my true friends and who are my friend just for the benefits or when they need something. For the true friends, I’ve come to realise that I love all of you dearly and miss you so much. I have such special people in my life and cannot express the endearments in words at the moment. I have friends that know me better than myself. I have friends who know when I’m sad even if I’m smiling and I have friends who never give up on me. I have the milkshake friends and the late night butte walk friends. I have the spontaneous adventurous friends and the ones where we can sit and do nothing. I have those friends I can text anytime about anything for some advice and the ones I can call randomly for a chat. Most importantly I have friends who love me for exactly who I am and never try to change a thing. You know exactly who you are and I just wanted to say thank you for always being there for me.