My best friend asked me today, “what happened to The Chronicles of Emmy?”

And that got me thinking.

Big time.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted as I am well aware, but I guess I had the lame excuse of being super busy my last month in Australia.

Now my excuse is i’m back in Bend, Oregon (my hometown) and I don’t know what to write about. Because what can I possibly say that’s exciting after living abroad in Australia ?

So instead of some crazy cool story on my adventures, I kind of just want to write what’s on my mind lately.

Being back home has really thrown me into a new persepective once again. Traveling really expands your mind and changes your ideals quite often. See, I grew up in Bend and except the classic resort tropical holidays, I hadn’t seen much of the “world”. Laying on the beach for a week in Mexico isn’t exactly a thorough cultural experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun and needed every once in a while, but the difference between the lazy week at the beach and diving into a culture in a foreign country is monumental. Sometimes we forget how big the world actually is, especially if we grow up in the same small town all of our lives. I hadn’t really grasped how far away Australia is until I actually got to spend 15 dreaded hours on a plane to Brisbane and another 6 to get over to the opposite side of Australia for my last month. I hadn’t realized that not everywhere has table service and nice customer service. Or the fact that not everything comes in gigantic sizes. Or that there is different food that you’ve probably never tried or other countries have different ideas of specific foods. Anyways, as I was saying, I came home with a new perspective. I realized just because I have gone off and saw things in a new way doesn’t mean I can come back to Bend and things will be different and that’s what’s been really hard on me since I got back.

As most everyone knows, I am pretty shy and awkward. I have a hard time making new friends and tend to spend majority of my time with my dog or in my bed. Haha. Being a defined traveler has got to be easiest and best way to make friends instantaneously. When you’re traveling you always have things to talk about and you can always open up your conversations with “where are you from?” Or “what made you travel here?”. I could easily walk into a cafe and make a new friend because they’d hear my accent and ask where i’m from and what I was doing. We would instantly click and get along. It was marvelous. So now being back home, in search of new friends, i’m having quite a hard time. I’ve been so accustomed to the same group of people my whole life, the idea of branching out and wanting to find some new people seems foreign to even me. The worst part is the friends I do have are quite busy or have a hard time remembering that i’m back (or they just use that as an excuse not sure which). So on the search of new friends I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’m back to being a minor, so bars are out of the question. I can no longer go dance my heart out in a club and I don’t go to school here. I can’t just go to a coffee shop and strike up a conversation because I wouldn’t know what to say (that would be my shyness coming back). So where do I find new people? I have yet to figure it out. Maybe once I get a new job I can meet some new people. Until then, my bed and Netflix will suffice.

Another thing is, I never really thought I could get culture shock from my own country, let alone my hometown, but I was wrong! I am back from Australia and i’m having such a hard time adjusting to some American things. For one, I cannot enjoy a cup of coffee anymore. Which is quite unfortunate as I love my daily dose of coffee, but I just cannot do it. Most places around here literally taste like dishwater or worse. My first cup I had being back I actually could not physically drink. It was awful. So now I have to cringe and suffer through my daily dose. I wonder when I will adjust back to horrible tasting coffee? Also, I literally thought that my parents bought a new dishwasher because ours just looked so wrong. I swear it’s new, but they have yet to admit it yet. The littlest things that I’ve grown up with have become foreign to me and it’s so strange. Light switches seem wrong to me. I always go to flush the toilet at the top but it’s on the side here. I sometimes think about waning to drive on the left or go backwards around the round-a-bouts.

I am also working on eating right. I’m trying not to have processed foods or things with GMO’s. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be to adjust to my new lifestyle back home. My parents think i’m crazy for some of the things I refuse to eat or do. Like I won’t use microwaves anymore and i’m done eating orange cheddar. (Why the heck is our cheddar orange anyway?! It doesn’t naturally come like that). Oh well. I guess it’ll all just take some getting used to.

All in all, I guess you could say i’m struggling back here in Bend. I miss my best friend Carli (Italian) and now I miss my close friends who are back in Australia! I love to travel, but having close friends across the world really pulls on my heart strings.

I’ve already planned my next adventure! I’m am going to be heading off to Manchester to meet my best friend (Carli) to see her in her UNI habitat before her and I head off to Asia! After Asia I’ll do some more traveling around Europe with Kristy (Canadian who I met in Australia) and hopefully by then I will have somewhat of a goal for my life. Right now I love to travel and I think that’s what I will do until everything else falls into place for me.
Until next time.